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A Selection of Painting Styles — 1995 to Present

Cosmic Medicine Wheel | Seattle | 2016 Sacred Heart | Seattle | 2016 Planting the Seed of the Heart | Seattle | 2016 Sacred Heart of the Madonna | Seattle| 2016
The Medicine In the Medicine Wheel | Seattle | 2016 Medicine Wheel of the Darkened Heart | Seattle | 2016 Trapped Warrior | Seattle | 2016 Warrior Healing | Seattle | 2016
New Zealand 22 | Auckland, New Zealand | 2012 New Zealand Landscape 4 | Auckland, New Zealandv2011 New Zealand Landscape 3 | Auckland, New Zealand | 2011 5 of the 9 | Auckland, New Zealand | 2010
Journey | Auckland, New Zealand | 2010 7th Chakra | Champaign, Illinois | 2009 Untitled 232 | Champaign, Illinois | 2010 Untitled 224 | Champaign, Illinois
Untitled 259 | Champaign, Illinois Untitled 266 | Champaign, Illinois Visions Past | Champaign, Illinois | 2009 Untitled 94 | Champaign, Illinois
Untitled 118 | Champaign, Illinois 4 Birds | Champaign, Illinois Untitled 128 | Champaign, Illinois Every Cell In You Is Alive and Burning With Consciousness | Champaign, Illinois
Helping Hands | Champaign, Illinois Synthesis | Champaign, Illinois Stargate | Champaign, Illinois And This Also Has Been One of the Dark Places of the Earth | Chicago, Illinois

Art Shows Curated by David

All Things That Move
Boneyard Arts Festival, Champaign, Illinois | April 15, 2010

David curated the show at the 209 West University Building which included a retrospective (moving sale) and new paintings by David and the work of Jerry Sims (photography); Scott Wenerdahl (interactive computer generated art); and the late Jen Harris’ first public show (ink drawings and wise sayings).

Visions Past
Boneyard Arts Festival, Champaign, Illinois | April 16, 2009

This was David’s first public showing of his work, a retrospective covering 20 years of painting. David also curated the show which included David’s work as well as artists Leah Guadagnoli (graphite drawings, collage, and acrylic paintings); Jerry Sims (photography); and Scott Wenderdahl (interactive computer generated art).

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Re-humanizing Medicine
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Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma & PTSD

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Re-humanizing Medicine

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