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What Is Good for the Patient Is Good for the Doctor
(or Health Professional)

Clinical Audits as New Research

Presented at the Health of Health Professionals Conference
Auckland, New Zealand | November 4, 2011

Abstract: This presentation suggests that the only way for a health care system to actually deliver good care to patients is for it to start with a focus on the health and well-being of the staff who work within that system, if this is done, the health and well-being of patients will follow.

While health care systems are generally designed around standardized practices that create guidelines for clinicians to follow, many patients feel these systems are dehumanizing and impersonal. This occurs because the system loses sight of something essential in patients and staff alike; basic human realities are overlooked in favour of the needs of the system. One way of addressing patient concerns is by focusing on creating a work environment for staff that recognizes the basic human realties of the whole human being in the system. These realities include the physical body, emotions, mind, environment, family, culture, the need for trust, interpersonal connection, heart, creativity, self-expression, and spirituality. A health care delivery system that does not openly foster these dimensions in both health professionals and clients will be impaired in the quality of care it is able to deliver, no matter how good its algorithms are.

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