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The Danger of Putting Technique Before Intention in Energy Healing

Presented at the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
Annual Conference
Boulder, Colorado | June 22, 2008

Abstract: This presentation will examine the biomedical paradigm of viewing pain and illness as being things that are not self. The Intention operating behind this paradigm is to eliminate or minimize these phenomena. Human nature also tends to share a similar paradigm that pain and illness are “bad” and that they should be eliminated or avoided. Energy Healing involves a different paradigm in which symptoms are seen as part of self. Healing is a process of acceptance, which can lead to change and integration, whereas other paradigms deal with unwanted aspects of self through altering, manipulating, or dominating self. Healing also requires personal growth work on the part of the healer, whereas performing energetic techniques does not require this.

A technique is a codified and standardized protocol. There are many, many energetic techniques, but there is a real danger that they can be performed from an intention of getting rid of pain and illness. This is to perform an energetic technique within the dominant paradigm of separation. In this sense, the Intention from which one operates is more important than the type of technique performed. During this transition time in which clinicians are just starting to grow in their understanding of a new paradigm, there is a lot of energy work translated into the dominant paradigm, this really is just technical manipulation of energy and not true healing. The danger of relying on technique is that you can become a technician, whether you are working at the physiological level with medication, the mental/emotional level with psychotherapy, or the energetic level with energetic techniques.

The session will conclude with an experiential exercise in which participants will identify and work with a split within their consciousness to feel the difference between an energy of separation/rejection and an energy of acceptance and healing.

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