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it is 4 AM


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it is 4 AM
as I lean against the wall
listening to the story of another patient
sitting on a cart in the West Side VA
his urine tox is cocaine +
streaming down his face
as he tells his story
I find it curious that he cries without emotion
I find it curious that he cries and I have no emotion
only impatience to decide if he comes in or goes out
only anger because he woke me up
only none of the things a human being normally feels for another’s pain
the story is of no importance to me
just a vehicle
for the decision
in or out
sure, there are different characters, plots, situations
there are either more drugs or less
the story is either more or less legitimate
the story is either more or less of a lie
in the end
there are only 2 morals to any story
in or out

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